E-Plumb Replacement Basin Tap Conversion Kit

E-Plumb Replacement Tap Conversion Kit








Easy of Installation


Price (Worth it?)



  • Easy to install
  • Great Quality
  • Has 2 sizes of fittings for different tap sizes


  • None, other than instructions could be clearer

Full Review

E-Plumb Replacement Tap KitWe ended up buying this replacement tap kit as I needed to repair the taps in my mums kitchen sink, due to the landlord refusing to fix the faulty taps that were dripping (and if you turned it off tightly it would click and pile of water would come out and you had to turn it off again). The valves had become faulty, and the top plates snapped off instead of coming off like they were meant to.

I got this replacement pack rather then just the internal valve parts to give the taps a new clean look, and it was easier to do it was guaranteed to fit correctly with each other. I was immediately impressed with the quality of the product, considering it was inexpensive compared to plumbing centres nearby.

It made the sink and taps look brand new, my mum, friends and family were happy with the results and my mum was happy that she could finally turn off the water without using all her strength and trying to make sure the valve didn’t click and pour out a ton of water.

It was Very easy to fit, I am not a plumber but i know some basics, however it only took a few minutes to do. Obviously, turn off the water supply to the sink (or the whole supply if you do not have individual shut off on the pipes to the sink), take off the top piece and unscrew the tap “head”. Now you will have the valve, all i had to do is get a spanner to unscrew the valve out of the mixer tap to open up a hole with water sitting in it (hence why you need to turn off the water of course!).

It then was as simple and easy as screwing in the new valve, tighten it with the spanner and screwing the head/tap covers back on and done. It took no more then 20 minutes to do. An experienced plumber will probably take less than half that time as I had to check the instructions I was doing it correctly, then realised how easy it was.
I am writing this review over 1 year after it was installed (end December 2015-early January 2016) as I wanted to see how long it lasts and if there has been any deterioration with the product or its quality. I am happy to say, that it is still going (longer then the ones the landlord put in as they chipped and broke after 4 months). These tap replacements still look new and no damage or wear and tear can be seen (as long they are kept clean of course!)

For this cheap price, it is worth it if you don’t want to get a whole new set of taps! It has been over 12 months (so its now past its warranty), yet there is not a single issue at all! For this price, I expected it to break within the year, seeing it felt cheaper then the ones the landlord put in, however they have lasted longer then the 3 times the landlord had to replace the taps with the cheapest £1.88 junk ones.

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