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Domino’s Pizza is a large American pizza restaurant chain founded in June 1960. The first branch opened on the 10th June 1960 in Ypsilanti, Michigan US. James Monaghan and Tom Monaghan are the founders of Domino’s, and the headquarters are in Ann Arbor, Michigan, US. As of 2017 there are 13,811 branches of Domino’s.

Name and Logo

In August 2012, Domino’s Pizza drop pizza from its name show that it has a variety of non-pizza products. Also at the same time they altered their logo by removing the blue rectangle box under the domino and then kept one half of the domino red and changed the other half to blue so that they kept in line with their previous colour scheme for their logo.

UK History

The first Domino’s Store opened in 1985 in the UK and since then there are over 1,000 branches across the country and over 35,000 members of staff. In 2016 almost 90 million pizza’s where sold which includes 7 million of the popular Pepperoni Pizza’s.

They try and deliver their brand purpose “To feed the power of possible, one pizza at a time”. Their aim is to never stand still and keep the spirit of the franchise, dedication and to keep their promise.


Jennie’s Experience

My experience with Domino’s isn’t the best and I would not order from them again. For what you get for your money it is over priced and not value for money for the food and experience. £10.98 for a personal size (7 inches) Ham and Pineapple pizza and personal size(7 inches) garlic bread, really? I can get the same quality food at any other take away place that sells pizza in my local area without the big name for much cheaper and you get more for your money. For example 10 inch ham and pineapple pizza, 10 inch garlic bread with cheese, onion rings (8) and a 1.5L bottle of Coke for an extra 12p (£11.10) vs this, which is a 7 inch and just the pizza and garlic bread.

The order was an hour and a half late from the expected delivery time (the online tracker said it had been delivered) even though these wasn’t any rush hour or match day traffic when I ordered it as it was after rush hour when it was ordered. When my my mate rang them to ask where our food was, nobody answered the phone and we tried ring them several times but couldn’t get through to anybody. When the delivery eventually came with our food, he couldn’t even be bothered to get out of the car and buzz the flat and he just rang us saying he was waiting outside. When my mate went down to collect the food the driver had to get out of the car and find our food which happened to be at the bottom of several orders and get it out before giving it to us. When we opened the boxes so that we could eat our food, we did get the right order but all the food had gone cold and when we ate the food it was no different in quality from other places that we have had pizza from, not impressed.

A week or 2 after this experienced and I was at home, a Domino’s delivery drive knocked on the door with somebody’s order (not mine as I hadn’t ordered anything from them.) and asked us to pay for it and them would give us the food which we didn’t want or ordered. Who ever ordered it was they had clearly delivered to the wrong address unless someone gave my address instead of theirs and then Domino’s have just wasted their time and food.

Jason’s experience

My experience is similar to jennies as we ordered at the same time. However I have an additional experience where I was offered a voucher for free large pizza and a side for my issue. So I thought I would give them another chance.

However, sadly this was just as bad if not worse. The voucher said “phone order only” however it took over 40 minutes on hold for someone to be ready to take my order, then a further 25 minutes for the staff to FINALLY understand how to use the voucher. I was greeted by rude staff more or less saying “the voucher doesn’t exist its obviously an online code yeh? so you need to do it online right?” considering I mentioned over 10 times that its in red saying “phone orders only”. eventually they “found” my voucher after 16 attempts saying it didn’t exist and I heard someone in background saying “you were looking in wrong section for the code as its under customer service issued vouchers” however the guy on the phone said to me “ah, i found it you said it wrong or I misheard you yeh? so yeh whats ya order then?”

I then placed my order, the exact same as I had before (the meteor) but as a large pizza instead of the personal size. – after placing my order he then said “er.. right well… what does it say on the voucher? like whats the amount for?” to which i was astonished considering i said 27 times by now “a voucher for any large pizza and side” and said the code. I had to repeat myself again. then he said “oh right, well 40 minutes” then he hung up in a mood.

I therefore will NOT be ringing them again after this. This was disgraceful service on TWO attempts on trying them.

((note: this service was the All Saints branch in Manchester))

© Reviewed By Jennie Kelsall and Dragonwolf5589

Note: Prices may have changed since this review was published. Also price varies per branch, service may also vary.

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