Blitzwolf Power Bank 5200mAh

Power Bank 5200mAh - BlitzWolf










Portability (size)



  • Fast Charge
  • Good Quality
  • Small and compact


  • sometimes charges phone once, while others 1 and half to 2 times.

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The Blitzwolf Power bank offers fast charging for my mobile phone compared to all my other powerbanks. I find this very useful in the fact that I can charge my phone quickly. This was like if I was at home plugged in.

I bought the 5200mAh version as opposed to the 15000 version for more portability. (I have one at 15000 by another brand and it is very heavy and big). This one is small and compact and very easy to hold and carry around fitting in you pocket or bag.

This phone charger seems to charge my phone between one and one and a half times. Even though I would like to see this have ability to charge a full two times, at least it is enough to top up during the day while I am out and about.


The product came packaged well in a trendy recyclable box, including a warranty card and user manual. (Although I didn’t really need to read it as it just told you how to charge up the device which is self-explanatory for everyone who has used chargers before)

The Product

The device is self is well built and made to a decent quality. It feels like its well made and comes with a small cable. (I didn’t use the cable to charge my phone  but keep this plugged into my usb plugs so I can charge the device itself)

The portable charge was able to charge my phone using fast charge. This is the first portable charger that has been able to do this. I was able to charge up my phone within 2 hours instead of 4-5 hours compared to other portable phone chargers I have used.

I may even buy the bigger capacity to replace the big ones I have as this is the best charger so far.

Charge time 

It takes a couple of hours to charge up, and once charged all you need to do is plug your phone into the portable charger, and it will automatically turn itself on and charge your phone. I really like this as it saves having to turn on the charger if you have it in your bag or coat pockets. All you need to do is get hold of the wire and plug it into your phone and it will start to charge.

It has LED lights to show how much power is left in the charger, and flashes when charging up.



© Reviewed by: Jason Smith

*Note prices may have changed since this review


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