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  • Good choice of Free themese
  • Couple great free plugins
  • Good choice of premium Plugins
  • Easy to use
  • Subscription to get all themes and plugins cheaper then individually


  • Little expensive for beginners
  • Product Review Plugin doesn't accept a price range (eg $10-$30 becomes $-1030)

Full Review

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This is a review on WordPress plugins and themes from Theme Isle, some of which have been a great help to starting off this website after searching for several months to find something that worked for the website. Without the WordPress plugins, mainly the WP Product Review, this website could not have existed as a review website with a rating system, that also allows visitors to set their own reviews and ratings in the comments section. We will first review their themes on their website before we review the plugins, including ones we have tested fully ourselves.

ThemeIsle Website Screenshot 3Themes

The Theme Isle Website has many WordPress Themes for users to look at and use. Some free themes are pretty decent compared to some others out there. They offer a wide variety of themes, many which are free, and many which a premium. Some of the free themes tend to be light (or lite) versions of a premium theme, meaning you can make the most basic parts of the theme that you wanted if you do not want to fork out for the full theme, depending on your needs. They have themes that suit all kinds of websites, such as magazines, shopping, photography, recipe/cooking and even review websites like ours! They also offer free trial/demo of the full paid reviews if you wish to try before you buy.

We tried a couple of the free themes from ThemeIsle, a couple which would suit our website. (The only reason we don’t use it at the moment, is it messed up a couple of the adverts and layout so we are working through them bugs so we can switch to a faster website loading time compared to the one we have right now. It took us over 4 months just to find any themes that worked with a review website that wasn’t expensive, especially as we have only just started out. We found one and used it and designed around it, to finally find a bunch more. We just haven’t had the time to edit around parts the website to fit, however we will be installing a beta service of our website for testing purposes so it does not affect the current website at any time, so we hope to change to one of their themes at a later day as it was faster loading the website and posts


ThemeIsle Website Screenshot 7 In addition to the free and paid  themes, they have a good range of plugins, some of which we use on our own website (We go into detail further in this review). Most of the plugins cost money as they are premium plugins, however they do offer 3 free plugins. These are WP Review Lite, Adblocker Notify, and pirate forms.

The plugins we use on our website, have been a great help in making this website possible. One we use is the Adblocker notify, yes we know it is annoying for visitors to see this popup, but we rely on adverts being display to pay for the servers. This plugin therefore helps to notify the people using adblocker to add our website to the white list to help keep the site going, but does not annoy by keeping a banner or constantly popping up, it just asks you politely once. (as long you have cookies enabled)

The main plugin we use, Is WP Review lite. you would have seen it in use on every page of this website, as it is the review rating system that we use. Once you have made a post, you tick a box that asks if the post is a review post, you then get options where you can create your ratings and what you base them off. Such as in the example product in the pic, you can see Quality and taste, and its score out of 100. As well as Service, Options etc.

ThemeIsle Website Screenshot 10You then have a choice to input the pros and cons of the product or service you are reviewing.

Once you have filled out the easy to fill forms and publish your post, as you can see on the above photos this is how it will look when complete, and you can see that the comment section as a slider for visitors to add their reviews and opinions on the product/service.

It says on some sites that this plugin offers schema and star ratings show on search engines. However I am yet to see this happen, or find any information regarding it (so i’ve ended up using another plugin to see if it works on google search results)

ThemeIsle has been a great help to our website that we felt it was only fair to review them. On their website, they allow you to buy the plugins or themes separate, on average most seem to be $99, or they offer a subscription/full package payments. We do feel the costs are slightly high for some of the features and themes, particularly for beginners, however after trying their free versions we can tell they are of high quality and decent themes and plugins, and many of the free versions are sufficient for beginners anyway, so overall we are impressed with their services.

Why not take a look for yourself? 

© Jason Smith – DragonWolf5589

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