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bluebellsThe Bluebells base themselves at Mary D’s a like to gather up before and after matches in “Bluebell Corner” located in the beer garden around the back of the bar. It is mostly a female supporters branch and has some male supports too. The Branch is one of many Manchester City Supporters Branches. The Branch became official in April 2014.

The Bluebells created there name in two parts:

Part 1 – “Blue” As Manchester City are also knows as “The Blues” they took this on as part of the branch name.

Part 2 – “Bells” Was chosen as a remembrance of a well-known city fan Helen Turner and her Bell. Helen was a season ticket hold for Manchester City in North Stand for over 30 years and she always rang her bell when she watched City through good and bad times, but sadly died in 2005 at the age of 85 years old.



The Bluebells use the flower of a bluebell as there branch logo since both parts of their branch name put together happens to be “Bluebell” and it also makes sense calling themselves Bluebells since that makes most sense out of all the variations that they could of made with “Blue” and “Bells”.

The Bluebells Supports Branch is a great branch to join if you are a big Manchester City Football Fan. It’s also a good way to meet other blues who support the team as you before and after the game at Mary D’s.

The Bluebells as have a season card which they get each season so one person from the branch can go and see the match if they were unable to get a ticket of their own and would really like to go and see the match at home at the Etihad Stadium for a small fee.


© Review By Jennie Kelsall

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