E-Plumb Replacement Basin Tap Conversion Kit

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E-Plumb Replacement Tap KitWe ended up buying this replacement tap kit as I needed to repair the taps in my mums kitchen sink, due to the landlord refusing to fix the faulty taps that were dripping (and if you turned it off tightly it would click and pile of water would come out and you had to turn it off again). The valves had become faulty, and the top plates snapped off instead of coming off like they were meant to.

I got this replacement pack rather then just the internal valve parts to give the taps a new clean look, and it was easier to do it was guaranteed to fit correctly with each other. I was immediately impressed with the quality of the product, considering it was inexpensive compared to plumbing centres nearby.

It made the sink and taps look brand new, my mum, friends and family were happy with the results and my mum was happy that she could finally turn off the water without using all her strength and trying to make sure the valve didn’t click and pour out a ton of water.

It was Very easy to fit, I am not a plumber but i know some basics, however it only took a few minutes to do. Obviously, turn off the water supply to the sink (or the whole supply if you do not have individual shut off on the pipes to the sink), take off the top piece and unscrew the tap “head”. Now you will have the valve, all i had to do is get a spanner to unscrew the valve out of the mixer tap to open up a hole with water sitting in it (hence why you need to turn off the water of course!).

It then was as simple and easy as screwing in the new valve, tighten it with the spanner and screwing the head/tap covers back on and done. It took no more then 20 minutes to do. An experienced plumber will probably take less than half that time as I had to check the instructions I was doing it correctly, then realised how easy it was.
I am writing this review over 1 year after it was installed (end December 2015-early January 2016) as I wanted to see how long it lasts and if there has been any deterioration with the product or its quality. I am happy to say, that it is still going (longer then the ones the landlord put in as they chipped and broke after 4 months). These tap replacements still look new and no damage or wear and tear can be seen (as long they are kept clean of course!)

For this cheap price, it is worth it if you don’t want to get a whole new set of taps! It has been over 12 months (so its now past its warranty), yet there is not a single issue at all! For this price, I expected it to break within the year, seeing it felt cheaper then the ones the landlord put in, however they have lasted longer then the 3 times the landlord had to replace the taps with the cheapest £1.88 junk ones.

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Blusmart Infrared Thermometer

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Hello, and welcome to my review of the Blusmart Infrared Laser Thermometer.

I have only used infrared thermometers during a few paranormal events and other uses such as in DIY scenarios and never thought of getting my own for any reason at home.

However after I have been having issues with my radiator balancing. Some radiators in my home were very hot and some very cold. In addition I have also been having issues with drafts coming from somewhere and I needed a thermometer that could do all of the above.

This is a very useful tool for multiple uses. I used this to balance radiators, and also I found out my fridge thermometer was off by 3oC, no wonder why food kept going off! But I was also able to find the draft and cover it up during cold months. 一、二、三、四、五 etc, basically its just 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and so on but as chinese/japanese characters


This product is a professional thermometer, so it comes with ems settings. This is a calibration for difference surfaces to give accurate readings on almost everything (the manual tells you what settings to put the ems to for each surface.


I tested this on walls to check against 2 other thermometers to check its base accuracy and I actually had to adjust the offset to -1.2oC to get it accurate. since then it works fine and saves the offset. Sadly it does not save the ems or the laser on or off options and after the screen goes off after a few seconds, you will have to change the settings again each and every time. A little bit of a pain to be honest when you are calibrating the copper pipes on a radiator to balance the system.

I wish it had the option to be able to save the settings or at least change the length of time that the screen stayed on so you had time to use it without re-doing the settings as soon it went off.
I also tested this in my fridge, to which was reporting 10.8oC when the inner thermometer said it was 7.3oC – I have had food going off recently and now i know the digital thermometer may be wrong.

It comes with a 9V battery, and easy to install, not sure yet how long it lasts, but is yet to run out after a year of random use. It is easy to use, just press the trigger to turn it on and scan. Just DO NOT point near anyone or any animals, as even if you turn the laser off, it comes on again as it resets the settings as soon as the screen goes off.


Disclaimer: I received this product at a discounted price, in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. It seems really decent equipment, but needed calibrating first use. The only thing I wish it had was save the settings for the laser or backlight for at least longer then 7 seconds, as it will need recalibrating ems settings every 7 seconds which is a great pain. For rooms its ok and auto set, but for ceratin metals or materials you will need to calibrate it every time the screen goes off.

Thank you for reading my review – If you have also tried or used this product feel free to add your own ratings below!