LE Rechargeable Clip LED Dimmable Book Light

Full Review

LED book light box coverLED book light box cover side

When this LE book light arrived I was impressed with the size of it. It was a bit bigger then most book lamps I have tried in the past, yet still portable and handy. It came in a decent box which was easy to see what the product was and what it looked like. The side of the box has a list of details about the book light. It did come partly charged as the light worked straight away. However I still plugged it in with the included USB lead to fully charge use it a couple of times until the light drained and recharged a few times before fully testing and reviewing, to make sure it has a realistic results.

Packaging and design

The light came with a small info card of the company. This included contact details and website to claim extra 6 months warranty.

Thanks to the lights super flexible goose-neck style “neck/pole”, you can point it in any direction. It has a small square on the clip base, which is where the touch screen sensor is. A very light touch and the light turns on dim. It takes 4 taps to cycle through. Tap it once more, medium. Tap it again and you get full brightness, and the last tap turns it back off.

I am also impressed that the light has a faint red led light behind the logo, to show when the book light is charging. This red light goes off when fully charged. It is a little faint, but many book clip lights I have tried over the years never had such a feature, and this is a great addition. No longer do i need to check the power on the USB HUB I use to charge devices.


Just look how bright it goes!
(Excuse the messy wall in the background. I am finally stripping off the messy lining paper that a previous tenant put up)

Even though you can see how bright it looks, my phone sensor would have dimmed it so you cannot see the full brightness in this photo. All i can say is, don’t look at the light when full brightness.

Full Brightness Level, Battery Test

After a couple of recharges and drains over 3 days I decided to do a full test. I charged up the light to full, then put it on the brightest setting while starting a stopwatch on my phone. It was around the 2 hour mark that the light dimmed to the low brightness setting. It was then after 3 hours 30 that the light went out completely. However it would be around the 2 hour 24 minute mark that the light became too dim to read from. So for the last hour it was more of a little night-light.

Lowest Brightness Level, Battery Test

After I have recharged the led light up again, I ran the same test on lowest brightness.

After a long 21 hours, the light slowly started to dim down. At around 22 hours the light become dim to the point it could only be used as a night-light. Meanwhile the light completely went out at around the 25 hour mark.

Battery Life

During our tests, the brightest setting gave us just a little over 2 hours of bright light until it became too dim to read with. Whilst the low brightness setting gave us a massive 21-22 hours of readable light. Therefore you can expect that you will need to charge this led light between every 2 and 21 hours of use.



This led book light is built to high quality. Its battery life is good depending on what brightness level you have it on. It is worth the cost, and very flexible.


© Jason Smith – DragonWolf5589

Disclaimer: I received this product free for product testing and reviewing.

TopElek LED Rechargable book light – 8 LED twin arm

Full Review

Update: After 7 months use one the arms on full brightness now flicker to half brightness and full brightness

First Impressions:

Image of product boxThis book light comes in a plain box, with the name of the product. It looked a lot smaller than I expected it to be, due to it was packaged wrapped up to fit into a small box. The product comes with two flexible arms on the product, which helps it to be positioned almost anywhere. Although, this is slightly limited due to the short length of the necks. That means you can only stretch it so much.

Image of book lightBoth flexible arms have buttons on the top of both lights. You can use just one or both lights, depending on what amount of light you need. The base is a clip that clips onto books or surfaces, including kindle, or laptop monitor or computer keyboard. It could also be used for a music stand. (I now use it as a bedside lamp. My Table lamp broke so I now use this as it clips onto the side of the bedside table perfectly)

Image of book light in use on kindleThis has a good light output. It is a natural white light (not warm white, but not the cold blue-ish light. It is somewhere in-between). This means it is easier on your eyes when reading and makes things look natural, as if you were sitting outside in the daylight. I use it on my kindle paperwhite when reading as I don’t like using the back-light as it shines up into my eyes.


Ease of use

The light control of the light is easy to use. You press the button once, for half brightness, then press it again for full brightness. And as each light is individually controlled, you can have 4 settings of brightness. (or 2 settings brightness with each light facing a different object rather than the 1 object)

I  used this light clipped on my laptop monitor to light up the keyboard and desk next to it before I got a desk lamp.  As I previously mentioned, I use it on my kindle and it is easy to clip only an ordinary book. However, it does mean after you turn a few pages, you have to un-clip then re-clip the light. Therefore I tend to use it more on my kindle.


This light does have a downside to its design. There is no indication on how much battery is left. This means that you don’t know when the light has been fully charged up. This means that you have to guess when to unplug it to avoid overcharging.

Luckily I have a USB digital charger, that tells me the current that is in use while charging a device. Therefore I know to unplug it when i see it say 0.

Battery Life

If you leave both lights on the brightest setting, and do not turn them off, they will go dim after about 5 hours or more, which if you consider how small the battery must be, is rather impressive. You won’t really have it on full brightness for 5 or 6 hours straight every day anyway so it tends to last at least a full week. (I now charge it on a 2 weekly basis, it takes a few hours to charge up)


The light is well-built and easy to use. Thee light should have some sort of sign as to when the product is fully charged. As when i use my USB charger hub that shows the power use, when its full it will show 0.00a but every 15 minutes it will temporarily use 0.18a to keep it topped up, meaning it keeps using energy until unplugged
It does not seem to last very long as after a few months the light now flicker.



© Jason Smith – DragonWolf5589

Disclaimer: I was offered this product to test the product.