Toto The Ninja Cat And The Great Snake Escape By Dermot O’Leary

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Toto is no ordinary furry feline. She is almost totally blind, she has ninja skills and at night she has amazing adventures with her cheeky brother, Silver. Want to join them on on their first great adventure? A deadly king cobra has escaped, and Toto’s going to have to use all her powers to capture him…

Dermot O’Leary

Dermot started his television carer on Channel 4 doing T4, and then went to present a spin off show for Big Brother. In 2007 Dermot started to host the X Factor but took a gap year from presenting it in 2015. He has his own BBC2 Radio show which he does every Saturday.

Toto The Ninja Cat And The Great Snake Escape is Dermot’s first book for children. It was release on 21st September 2017.

What I Think About The Book

Overall this book is alright but it’s not the type of book I would read again, as I did find it a bit boring. The book is mostly realistic and lacked creativity and imagination. Two things I would want to see in a children’s book is creativity and imagination. I don’t have a problem with it being a realistic type of story, but would like to see more creativity in it when it came to the problem solving parts of the story. It also should have more logic option choices in how to over come situations in the book and deciding which one to do.  I didn’t like the London slang which was used at the beginning of the book. As it’s a children’s book, I would of preferred it to have proper English all the way through the book. I wouldn’t want slang from any part of the country in the book.

The book started off with talking about Toto and where she came from and where she currently is now. It didn’t take long before the book got into the main story and adventure that Toto was going to go on. It was one big adventure which lasted all night. Even though the story is set during one night in London, I did find the pace of the book quite slow. It had a lack of suspense and drama. Could of had a bit more emotion in how Toto and the other characters are feeling during their adventure.


At first I was a little confused in why there was an activity at the back of the book for you to do. I felt this because I haven’t seen this in a fictional book before for either children or adults books. It’s quite a good idea to have activities at the  back of the book, which is related to the book. I would like there to be more that one double page though, so you have more things to do to go along with the word search. It could have other puzzles, maybe a quiz or possible facts about cats or Italy in the case of this book.

© Reviewed By Jennie Kelsall

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The Girl With The Lost Smile By Miranda Hart

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Chloe Long has lost her smile. (Under her pillow, her bed, her nose. Obviously.) She has looked everywhere for it. (Her favourite cake,  favourite gran, Her favourite joke. Obviously.) But nothing seems to be working! Until one night, something utterly magical happens and Chloe finds herself on an adventure that is out of this world…

Chloe is a girl with a BIG IMAGINATION, a BIG heart and even a BIGGER smile. She wakes one terrible day to discover she’s LOST HER SMILE, she must embark on an extraordinary adventure, with some very unusual friends, to find it…

It came out on hardback on 5th October 2017 and on Paperback on 12th July 2018.

Miranda Hart

From award-winning writer, actress and comedian, MIRANDA HART. A book with an action-packed, magical journey that celebrates the power of the imagination, the wounder of true friendship and is guaranteed to make you SMILE.

What I Think…

The Girl with the Lost Smile was released on Thursday 5th October 2017.  I wanted to get myself a copy as soon as possible. Miranda (One of my favourite comedians.) has put some of her jokes into a children’s book in which I can relate to and which I had a book like this when I was a child. I can relate to how Chloe feels when she feels down and sad and wanting to get her smile back but not knowing how. I can still relate to how Chloe feels now at aged 25 with having depression. Wished I had someone like Godfrey and Hoppy to tell me everything is going to be alright and that I just have to be patient and wait.

Although The girl with the lost smile, is aimed at children, it is also a suitable read for adults too. I think its a great book to read if you are someone like me who has Dyslexia because having jokes, and words and phrase where they writing is in either, bold, big, small or in capital letter helps tell the story even better and help keeps me focused on reading the book. Also I like the few illustrations that are in the book too.

I wish more people could have and share courage, hope and love. Also I hope Miranda writes another book as I will defiantly be buying and reading it.

Reviewed By Jennie Kelsall

Note: Prices may have changed since this review was published.