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We are currently a new site and slowly populating our reviews. Please bear with us at the time while it populates. If you want to become a contributor/reviewer contact us and we will make your account a reviewer – NOTE: No reviewer will ever get paid or is allowed to accept any payments, anyone found breaking the rules will be banned.

Who we are:

We review all kinds of products and services.

We give our unbiased review within a short while of using a product or service and we edit the reviews on a regular basis while making use of the product or service to ensure we give it a fair review of the course of time. This is useful, for example if a product is guaranteed to work for x amount of time, we test if it actually does last as long as they say. A lot of people review a product within first week getting it then that’s it. While yes we do the same for new products and services while testing them extensively. We continue to use each product on regular use and update our reviews accordingly, rather than posting a new review entirely.

People can sign up to the website and add their comments and own reviews which will alter the overall ratings, as we believe in fair and honest reviews. We accept Peoples reviews who got sent products to try to review as long you leave a disclaimer that you got it free or at a discount.





(if you want your products reviewed fairly feel free to contact us to send your products to us, but do note we will be critical for bad products)